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How to scan and crop documents with Google Photos

ince CamScanner signed his death sentence by becoming an app full of advertising, which led him to be removed from Google Play not long after , many users began the search for a good alternative to CamScanner that allowed them to scan documents from their mobile in the simplest and fastest way possible .

Google saw a hole in this interesting niche, and decided to introduce the possibility of scanning documents using the Google Drive app . But it does not seem to be enough, and now the firm has decided to introduce this same function, but vitaminized, in Google Photos , its app for storage and organization of images in the cloud.

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Scan and crop documents with Google Photos on your mobile

The function in question has landed on Google Photos as of version 4.26, whose deployment began in mid-October through Google Play. Therefore, if you have not done so yet, the first step to use this tool will be to install the latest version of Google Photos .

That said, the next step is to take a photo of the document using the phone's native camera app. Subsequently, you will have to open the image in Google Photos, and tap on the "Edit" button .

When Google Photos detects that it is a document, a blue balloon will appear indicating the add - ons panel of the lower taskbar in the editing panel. When you access this menu, the crop document function will appear , which we will use to select the edges of the document and let Google Photos do its magic, automatically changing the perspective of the document if necessary.

If, in addition, we use one of the filters integrated in the app, it will be possible to increase the contrast of the scanned document to improve its readability. Now just save it, taking into account that at any time it will be possible to undo the edition and return the image to its original state.

The process is very simple, and it is certainly a feature that continues to add value to an extremely useful application such as Google Photos .